Sadly we weren’t able to make it to the Google I/O event this year, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t trying to keep up with all that is happening. Right now there is an Android Q&A session going on with Andy Rubin. A very interesting question came up - will Ice Cream Sandwich require phones with more processing power now that the complex holographic UI is confirmed to be making its way to phones?

The answer was a 50/50 reply. Maybe, maybe not. Google does want older phones to be able to enjoy the goodness that will be called Ice Cream Sandwich. Mr. Rubin did make another statement that has us sitting on the edge of our seats though: “Google is definitely looking at introducing another phone that should blow the socks off of everyone and that should be able to handle Ice Cream Sandwich with ease.”

Of course he can’t confirm anything just yet or let to much of the cat out of the bag. He did however say we should be hearing about it soon.

I am hoping for at least a bare minimum of a dual core chip set, but I do know that Qualcomm does have a new 2.5 GHz quadcore chip in testing with various companies at the moment. If Google really wants to step up the game and take it to the next level, I think launching the first quadcore device that screams is the way to do it.

What are you guys hoping for in the Google Nexus?

Source: Phandroid

  • Carlito Pr787


  • Zeonreborn777

    Tegra 3, 4.0 inch Nova display, 1gb, 16gb on board memory 32gb SD card Android 4.0 also to make it truly open and unlocked make it a 3G/4G device GSM

    • Tha Truth

      I hereby certify this man a genius…….

  • Anonymous

    Let samsung make the phone without the plastic I guess (even though I like plastic it dosent scratch and its lite.) because samsung really makes the best hardware I think google told sammy to make the phone that way so this nexus should be a would be my second choice

  • hello

    thats weird cause the last time google mentioned a phone they claimed they were not interested in getting into the phone business. Funny how money can influence business decisions!

  • FILA

    gotta be an HTC or no buy from me, no sammy shit

  • Anonymous

    tegra 3 code name kal el name the phone “super nexus one” for the processor name sake