Samsung Galaxy S II Variant Confirmed for Verizon


In the way fo the original Galaxy S phones the Galaxy S II is said to be visiting multiple US carriers as well. An article posted on Engadget early last month gave us a glimpse at the new names these phones would be carrying but so far no news has been mentioned by the carriers themselves. One of our sources gave us inside information regarding the Sprint variant or Samsung Within, but what of the Function and Attain. Can’t say much for the Attain but the Samsung Function is finally making a footprint as a Verizon spokeswoman responded via email that this device was to be expected in July although there’s “no date just yet.” This information lines up with the information we received regarding the launch of the Sprint version as well as the rumors about the Galaxy S II US launch.

Is this phone going to come in time to be a major competitor when so many big devices are slated for release by the end of this month and into early July?


Source: Phandroid via ComputerWorld

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  • C1rca310

    no thank you. after the lack of updates and bad reception with first galaxy phone  good luck samsung with this phone you’ll need it

    • Hermeticist

      Cyanogenmod has an official dev version. Meaning daily updates if you like!

    • Hermeticist

      Cyanogenmod has an official dev version. Meaning daily updates if you like!

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