Looks like a group of people are starting a bounty to give to any developer that can full fill their request. Not being a developer myself, I’m not sure how feasible the request really is. Here is what they are looking for;

A fully working version of Android 2.2 (minimum), preferably CyanogenMod 7/Gingerbread.
Either fully replacing the stock WP7 or a dual-boot with both is fine with me.
It needs to have all hardware working, including the slide-out keyboard.
Considering that the hardware is supposedly very similar to the Dell Venue (non-Pro), it should be do-able.

The XDA poster, smnc, is also putting up an additional $50 towards the purchase of one of these devices if need be.

I know that development took an extremely long time to finally get Android running on the HD2, but from what I tested and what others are saying it was well worth the work.  I would be curious to see if that same team can crack this puppy open. I hope everyone is nice and works in the same direction instead of badgering these poor people that want Android but got a WP7. Lets not forget, sometimes they are given from companies, presents or out of sheer misunderstanding. Anything is possible.

If you happen to be an amazing developer, this might be a pretty good time to look into another project if you have the time. Alternatively, if you wish join the effort and get some money going towards the project follow the link to the XDA page.

Source: XDA