Among the many customization available for our home-screens few allow us to do much more than change the skins or colors of a design specified by the creator. While we have a few options that allows a bit more options such as Minimalist Text that allows you to make your own widgets in pure text format, none offer as many options as this new comer.

Chronotopia offers a new way to make your device your own, by allowing a more unique set of tools which allow you to make widgets from clocks to dates to your battery. While there are specific applications available that do the same, they don’t offer the range of tweaks this one does.


  • Fully editable widget layout and properties
  • Export widget as a theme
  • Import theme
  • Main launcher to edit any created widget (in apps folder)
  • Clock, date, battery, shapes
  • Custom fonts, colors, gradients, shadows, blur, autosize
  • Low battery usage (only updates when screen is on)
  • Basic weather
  • Custom images
  • Notifications


  • Tap to launch
  • More weather features
  • Finish theme support
  • Languages

To grab your copy swing by the XDA thread. As with any beta feedback is requested for any bugs or suggestions you may have. Be sure to leave knoxcoder some love too.


Source: XDA via XDA Forums