I’m not exactly sure what the first “Story” game was that launched for Android. The ones that stand out most in my mind though are Game dev Story, Gran Prix Story, Restaurant Story and Bakery Story. Most of those titles have been created by the same team, TeamLava, LLC.. No surprise that Zoo Story was released by the same developer.

As with any “story” based game, there is a theme or motive. This one is just as obvious as all the others. Build a Zoo and make it successful. Breed exotic animals such as Snow Leopards, Tigers, Koalas, Zebras, Crocodiles and more. Find secret creatures such as the infamous Unicorn and add them to the Zoo too. You can even cultivate crops to create food for your animals.

You are in full control of the park design and layout. Including, but not limited to, theme park attractions and concessions. Create the perfect fun filled place for customers and your friends to come visit and check out.


It has all the elements to be a very successful game. I can’t even count how many hours I spent checking into the many other games of similar design by these guys. Sadly I didn’t back em up when I flashed a new ROM and lost all my progress and gave up. Maybe I won’t forget this time around. It sort of reminds me Roller Coaster Tycoon, I love that game. Yes I am a simple kinda guy.

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Summary and Downloads:

Application: Zoo Story
Developer: TeamLava, LLC.
Cost: FREE