When will these companies ever learn that we don’t want white backgrounds in our applications.  I suppose as soon as they start doing that, we will have to find the white themes. It is a loose loose battle I suppose. In trying to give you most options for your device, the Newest leaked Android Market has been inverted and blacked out as much as possible for right now.


Thanks to many hours of work by XDA member B-boy® and some of his friends, we now have a new look for the new market. Unlick the original leaked APK this file is bundled up in an update.zip format. You will need to flash it just like you would a ROM or Kernel. If you preffer the push method then simply extract the apk and push it to system/app.

The dev notes that it should work on any device using the puching method, but is unable to confirm at this point. It was built specifically for the DROID and DX. In the comments of the themed version one member did state that he was successful in pushing it on a Galaxy S I9000. As always, use at your own risk and make a back up before you attempt anything.

To pick up the file needed go visit B-Boys XDA thread . If it worked for you let us know in the comments, be sure to include what device you are using.

Source: XDA