Just a few days ago we saw perma root hit the HTC Sensation, Evo 3D and quite a few other devices thanks to the Revolution team. Now we already have evidence of those crazy CyanogenMOD team members getting CM7 loaded and booting to the HTC Sensation. Talk about some fast work. Most of you are familiar with CM7 and already enjoy it across many devices. It is a highly customized and modified build of Google 2.3.5 built from the ground up by members of “Team Douche”. If you haven’t experienced it, then you don’t know what your device can really do. Check out the quick video proof.

This is just an internal dev preview that they are working on it already. This is great news for all the Sensation owners out there. Are you guys ready to truly make this power house device yours? Just the fact that I know it is coming almost is enough to make me want go pick one of these up. Stay tuned to AndroidSPIN, as soon as it becomes available for you to install, we will let you know.

Source: Kmobs twitter

  • Zhollid

    Sweeeeetttt. Cant wait to flash this on my sensation.

  • FILA

    i was waiting for this. BUTTTT after hearing about dust issues, no thanks. and T-Mobile is already planned to coem out with another HTC this fall, possibly next myTouch with 42Mbps and ATT 3G/4G bands, i think ill wait. happy with my new again mytouch 4g, while waitin to see the outcome of this ATT shit.