Earlier this morning we gave everyone a brief look into the latest Google+ updated app thanks to Androidpolice. The version is stated to be 2.0 and has a quite a new look and feel to it. It also brought a change to the ‘messages’ section, now calling its self ‘Chord’. They promised to drop the application file later today and they kept that promise.

You can see in a few pics that I snagged from them the differences right away. The screen shots on the left are the old Google+ and the ones on the right are the new Google+. Google moved the notification box from a lower level banner to a small counter at the top right. It really makes the opening page look a lot better. They also added a counter to the ‘Chord’ section as well, I don’t use the app much so that might have been old. In the image below you can see the new viewing style. Keeping true to a lot of the new swiping navigation and the ICS blues.

Now, if we can just get the source of this wonderful stuff to drop a system dump to the devs we could all see ICS before the Nexus even gets announced… wouldn’t that be something. Highly unlikely though, but a dream none the less.

Enough rambling about the changes. I know you guys are only here for the download. Before I offer up that link, be sure to check out the full review and all the differences as posted at AndroidPolice. Great work guys.

[Update] Apparently many of you have had issues installing this app. You have to uninstall the current version of Google Plus before you can install this one. It is just like installing a modded version. Same goes for the Google music app.

Download – Google Plus 2.0 apk fixed 10/8

Source: AndroidPolice

  • http://twitter.com/benpaddlejones Ben Jones

    Would love to try but won’t install on my HD2 running AmericanAndroid…

    Ben :-)

  • Ward Williamson

    no good on the rooted vibrant
    “application not installed”

    • Alex Jarvis

      Same on rooted Vision

  • Mukul Modi

    The files gone..what happened?

  • Caleb

    the download link is broke???? dose any one have a good copy of it

  • Hig_44

    Application not installed mytouch 4g cyanogen 7

  • Anonymous

    I cant make a public post using it, theres the option but will say cant create post. Preview pictures are bigger on the stream which is nice and you can now add and search users from the app

  • tremSr

    @lolobabes:disqus  I cannot either. I can post in house to my circles but not public. So you are not the only one with this issue. I am running this on HTC HD2 on a gingerbread build, but I will test it out on my Streak as well running Froyo. 

    For those getting application not installed….clear data in settings>applications to the old google+, then install the new version! 

  • Noemail

    Wont install unrooted sensation

  • Mukul Modi

    Causes Android core to DC

  • Chad Kennow

    won’t install on unrooted Epic 4G

  • Seanan

    I downloaded it and opened it up by when I try to add m account nothing happens. Help m please?