An image was sent over to the crew at Phandroid that semi clearly depicts the next device int the Galaxy S series. With a 2012 date attached to it, you can just barely read the specs that the device is currently labeled with. Being that the device most likely wont see the light of day far another year, much of what is listed is likely to change a few times, usually for the better.

According to the image, the SGS III is packing a 1.8Ghz dual-core Exynos 4212processor, 2GB of RAM a 4.6″ Super AMOLED Plus HD display and a whopping 12MP rear facing camera. The source advised that the screen is still not 100% built just yet but is on its way. They also were told the camera is expected to deploy the W750 BSI CMOS sensor and feature LTE and NFC support. Not too surprising there. The SGS III is also said to be thinner than the SGS II. With the current Android software set to be Ice Cream Sandwich, we can expect to see it on this device along with some sort of TouchWiz UI that will most likely be revamped.

This is an extremely early leak of something that most of us will forget long before it is ever seen again. That doesn’t mean we don’t love to see it though. There is no doubt in my mind that Samsung has any intention of slowing down with the Galaxy S line. It has taken the world by storm. If they can keep to a yearly new device with specs that keep getting better and better, I see no end in sight.

Source: Phandroid 

PS. This is most likely all fake, considering what else you can see in the image… Like “COPIYING” and “Private Internal Presentation” tend to lend this as a hoax. It is still fun to think about what might be next on the horizon though.

  • Bryce Walter

    Not only that. What company uses “Not Allowed” instead of Prohibited.

  • FILA

    also by the time the III does come out it will most likely have a Quad Core chip in it, since that will be the next big thing next year

  • Mukul Modi

    And that pictures of all tthe phones r poor copy and pastes….u can tell from the white border around them.

  • Tarita k

    Nice features!!!
    12MP cam with CMOS sensor, 1.8GHz dual core processor, NFC support, 4G capability…