doniqcc has released an update to ***EaglesBlood*** . The latest version is now 2.4.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– LG G2x: T-Mobile LG G2x

Changelog 2.4

*Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source

*APN FIX (Thanks to cm_acree)

*Added option to uninstall app in launcher 2

*Reverted back to stock fonts

*Phone call audio improvement

* Few other Small bugs and fixes

Changelog 2.3

*New Base 2.3.7

*Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source

*All my features and tweaks from 2.3.5


*New Fonts

Changelog 2.2

*Recommended update

*A2DP FIXED (Thanks to cm team):D

*Fixed lockscreen animation

*New ring lockscreen icons

*Added MIUI battery style under cm setting

*Edit built.props

*Better graphics

Changelog 2.1

*Recommended update FULL WIPE A MUST FOR THIS VERSION Lots of stuff changed to framework

*New ring lockscreen (sick) thanks to Valor.T for his source 😀 Under lockscreen style choose ring go back and click custom app starter to get the full effect. You can pretty much move the rings in lockscreen to anywhere in the screen.

*Incorporated Latest Cm7 update from source

*4G enabled by default

*Improved data

*Faster GPS lock

*New usb icon

*Recommended kernel with this version ELP  go here

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