An update to Google TV has been a long coming process. Many people gave up on the software update to Honeycomb long ago until leaks started to appear. Then the Logitech Revues took a price cut all the way down to a $100 bucks. From their we heard some official words come from Donagh O’Malley, Global Head of Content for Google TV, stating the update was about 3 weeks away. We also know that he has a keynoted scheduled for Streaming media west titled ‘Google TV Demo: The New World of Smart TVs.’ I think it is pretty safe to assume that we are very close to an official update finally.

To top it all off, there is now a new packaging being seen for the Logitech Review. I guess you can’t really call it new packaging when it is just a new sticker on the box. Good way to cut costs though. Don’t rush out and grab one if you see the sticker though. Some shipments went out a little prematurely so the box may have a nifty sticker but the software inside is unit is still old school.

Source: Engadget


  • Simon N. Walker

    Wish we would here something about the Sony Google TV devices!!