And so it begins. The much-anticipated and extremely desired Ice Cream Sandwich ROM’s are getting underway. A little preview of what is under construction has recently surfaced on YouTube and Google+, posted by  Ricardo Cerqueira. After many many hours, and I do mean many, like 6 hours, he was able to get the touch screen to work finally on the LG Optimus 3D. So the process and the trouble the devs face to make things happen for us is no easy task.

Of course photos of certain aspects of the OS running on a device are nice, we know that things can be modified. So Mr. Cerqueira was nice enough to post short video of it as well. This is still in some seriously extreme alpha stages, but it is getting there. That is about all we can hope for right now. The ROM is far from being released for the public to play around with so you will have to be patient. Judging from previous carrier track records, I bet he gets one out long before LG ever does. Check out the quick video and be sure to keep the encouragement up for these devs too.

Source: OMGDroid