The new Motorola Droid Razr, is definitely turning heads with its sleek ultra-thin design. I held my friend’s Razr and it practically weighs nothing. It felt like I was holding a toy and thought there should have been candy inside. With that, the Droid Razr has been claimed that it could last 12 hours on one battery charge. Right…an Android phone lasting 12 hours on its stock battery? Yeah, and Jessica Alba agreed to have my baby.

Now obviously with heavy use it will not last all day just like any phone, but there are several ways to get the most out of your battery. Give these steps a try:

  • 2g & Data connnection off when screen off (For e-mails, let autosync check every x minutes you would like)
  • 3g when specific apps need data connection on (for internet radios enable the screen on/off profile)
  • In-built setcpu function, set min/max to 300mhz on idle
  • Enable juicedefender to automatically handle 2g/3g networks
  • SMARTACTIONS: Display ON & OFF profile -> Disable background sync
  • Juicedefender in-built autobrightness, and tweak the settings below stock brightness
  • Enable juicedefender to manage wifi

Really these steps can be used for any phone but since the Droid Razr has been said that it will last 12 hours, this article is for you guys.

Source: XDA-Developers

  • debits and credits

    Good tips, very useful since I can run my battery down to 0 in 4 or 5 hours without much work

  • Angry guy

    I regret buying my Razr. It sucks, battery wise. What’s the point of turning Background data or the phone data if that’s the main purpose why people get smart phones. Hmmm…