Samsung Galaxy S II I-9100

The original Samsung Galaxy S II (the I-9100) now has a TouchWiz-flavored version of Ice Cream Sandwich, thanks to the good folks from SamMobile. Even better, all the essential stuff is already working — calling, SMS, data and WiFi are all a go. Keep in mind, this ROM is not an AOSP build. As I mentioned before, this is Android 4.0 with Touch Wiz framework, so this gives us an idea of what official ICS upgrades will look like, once they start making their way to devices. There isn’t much of a difference, in terms of UI, but you do see a bit of a difference in menus, as well as with features like Face Unlock.

As you can see from the video below, this project is coming along very nicely. If you’ve got 4 minutes to spare, let’s have a look, shall we?

It is important to note that this is a “custom” Samsung build, meaning you should not flash this if you typically only flash stock ROMs. Because the ROM uses an “unsecure” kernel, the phone thinks it’s custom and will start counting on its custom counter, meaning you will lose your warranty. Of course, I’m sure this wont deter too many people, so be sure to make a backup before you get down to business. Once you’re ready to do some flashin’, head over to the source link for the download and extra info.

Source: SamMobile

Thanks, Shmitty!