Two Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) ports for the Motorola XOOM (WiFi and LTE) are now available for the taking, thanks to the hard work of some great folks from XDA. razorbladex401  is heading up the project for the WiFi-only XOOM, while xxspark89xx is in charge of the port for the 3G/4G model. Unfortunately, the ports lack camera functionality, but this is definitely good news for those of you who have a XOOM in your Android device collection.

Here’s a “first look” video from yesterday of ICS in action on the XOOM:

And here is the second video that came out later yesterday

As you can see, progress is coming along at an amazing rate. If I had to guess, the CM team will get the camera issue worked out very soon, and we’ll start seeing it fixed on devices quickly after. There’s no promises, of course, but we all know how the CyanogenMod team makes magic happen.

If you’re ready to do some flashing, remember to make a backup first, then head over to the appropriate forum for your device by clicking the link below.

XOOM (WiFi) ICS ROM thread

XOOM (3G/4G) ICS Rom thread

Source: XDA

  • Kwas Bunsie

    This is not a port but rather a build from the AOSP source code. A port would be a ROM made for another device, like Sense, made to work on a device that never had that ROM.