I am sure many of you went out and picked up a shiny new Galaxy Nexus from Verizon. I bet you are loving the built-in Ice Cream Sandwich. I also bet many of you are having a hard time putting it down too. I know when I snagged some ICS on my Vibrant I spent hours holding it and playing around with the new OS.

This isn’t about any of that though. We were recently alerted of a nagging little glitch in the Verizon Galaxy Nexus that one user reported to us. One report generally doesn’t warrant a post with out a little digging first on most occasions. Since the source is Krylon360, a well know developer and ROM builder for a lot of devices, we took him at his word.

He recently picked up a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon to do what he does best, mod it and build ROMs for it. He has discovered something that is rather troubling for any ROM users, Root user or even general user. The first of which is during the unlock process. You will end up going through this similar if not same process for unlocking it and getting root –

Unlock boot loader, wipe data, flash cwm, flash su package, rename the stock recovery script, reflash cwm

Once those steps have been accomplished and you reboot the device, something sinister happened. Your internal storage was wiped clean in the process. Odd, but normal. He also discovered that on both stock and rooted versions of the Galaxy Nexus, if you do a factory reset via the settings, your internal storage also gets wiped clean. There is no option or choice to select system information or all storage.

If you have anything valuable on your internal storage, make a back up of your information to your PC first. This will ensure no loss of anything currently on the memory that you may wish to keep. Especially photos, movies or even Titanium Back up files.

Anyone else wish to confirm this for us and everyone else out there?

Thanks for he heads up Krylon360. 



  • natemz

    Ummmm how do you remove an sd card when there ia no sd card? Hmmmmmmm lol

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      Ya. that was all my bad. and you definitely caught me before I even though about it. I already fixed it all after I posted and thought about it for a second. Having no SD card slot is the only reason I refuse to buy the phone on any carrier. Can’t live with out my card and don’t need to deal with re transferring stuff. Way to call me out on my late night Saturday garbage. I really do appreciate it, and that isn’t sarcasm either. Thanks.

      • natemz

        Haha no problem. I knew it was a oversight.

        • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

          Thanks for understanding. So stuck in always having an SD card available. it was why I didn’t buy the Nexus S either. Sorry about the mis information. It happens from time to time when your mind set is stuck on most all devices.

  • Christie Cannon

    I’m slightly confused by this story. The “sd card” in the Galaxy Nexus isn’t an external, removable card. It’s part of the internal storage. That said, I also did not have a similar result. I unlocked my bootloader and rooted and the contents of /mnt/sdcard remained intact.

    • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

      You and natewembry were faster than I was to fix my mistaken thoughts. I already removed all traces of external SD information from the article. I was stuck in traditional Android device mode. I spaced that the Nexus has no SD card. Not sure why, since it is the only reason that prevents me from wanting one. Personal preference of course.

      As for you not having the issue, not sure how you lucked out. I know Krylon360 personally and maybe he will comment later. He said it was confirmed and on both stock via the settings and during the unlocking of the bootloaders. He was certain it wasn’t a fluke. I wonder if it is a hit or miss issue. I remember back on on a few builds for the Vibrant some people lost everything during a flash while others didn’t. Anything is possible since not all devices seem to react the same to all processes. I’d like to see what happens to a stock user.

      Like I said, I trust Krylon360 and I wouldn’t have written about it if it came from some random user.

      • Christie Cannon

        I went back and read the story again after I posted my comment and saw you’d removed all references to an external sd card, but unfortunately wasn’t able to edit my comment. I guess I did get lucky; I’m certainly not in any way questioning the Krylon360 and his report.

        • http://www.androidspin.com Stormy Beach

          No worries. I and we make mistakes some times. No one is perfect. I appreciate you guys calling me and all of us out on them. Helps keep future reports and articles current and truthful. We do appreciate it a lot. Again though, I am sorry I messed that one up so bad. I am usually a bit more on point.

          PS. Krylon360 take no offense either. It just happened to him and he confirmed it. Stranger things have happened in the Android world. Like people with GPS on the Vibrant and 911 working when other say it doesn’t work. :O)

  • Anthony

    Shouldn’t this have been a obvious, in the galaxy nexus it supports MTP just like the Xoom since the system is merged into one big volume so you wouldn’t get that annoying low on storage space notification with 16GB internal memory.

    The funny thing is people never learn from previous experiences and with other devices in 2012 same thing they will speculate and shootdown what they don’t understand like no Mass Storage support on the galaxy nexus tsk tsk

  • fr4nk1yn

    Unlocking the bootloader on the Nexus S also wiped the device totally.
    it explains why it does so before confirmation.

    there is no option to not wipe storage on factory reset, I had to return one device.
    but if your doing a “factory reset(!)”, they’re assuming you want the device wiped.
    I’ve been a phone nerd for years and have never done a factory reset unless I was getting rid of one. I think its insurance for the 87% of people who would do a reset WITHOUT wiping storage before getting rid of a device.

    on.a side. note it took. forever typing. this on my kindle fire removing all. the periods. due to the stupid placment of it on the.keyboard!

  • eNomineZerum

    Typing from my rooted and cwm recovery installed Gnex on VZW, I did lose all data. It sucked because it takes forever to transfer data to the phone and now i have to retransfer all that data again.

    A lot of the guides on XDA have this warning. I just hope there is a work around in the, uh, works.

  • Krylon360

    The biggest issue is that on the NS 4.0.3 has the checkbox that gives you the option to “choose” to wipe you SD Contents; where as the 4.0.2 build on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus does not give you that option, and just wipes it if you hit reset. Now, granted, there is a warning, but that option should still be there none-the-less.

    When you unlock the bootloader, it us supposed to wipe /data. This is a security thing. Even JBQ from Google said it’s supposed to.

    • Anthony

      Its not an option that the galaxy nexus should have since the partition is setup differently on both but going forth if there is no sdcard on a ICS device then it will use MTP but if there is a card than it will support Mass Storage.

      I partially explained this in my previous post and there was already news on this a while back no need to call it an issue because its not also I just boot into recovery and wipe /data so it wouldn’t touch /mnt/sdcard

      • Krylon360

        CWM doesnt. Stock recovery does.

        The reason for this is the sd is actually just /data/media parted out. so when data is formated, it formats every dir in it, including /data/media.

        And it’s not just a VZW issue. It’s in source also. Running 4.0.3 AOSP on the VZW GNEX, same thing. Time to hack the code to fix that.