Now all of you that just purchased the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, are as happy as  little Android geeks could be to have the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. Many of you also probably are going to purchase a car dock so you can utilize the phones functions as you drive. This might get you a little upset.

Well my Verizon friends, they messed up. An awesome feature of the Galaxy Nexus, is that it has the three-pin contact of the side of the frame so that you can connect and disconnect the phone from the car dock very easily.  Seems this cheap little car dock they are selling is missing that three-pin contact feature, yet the GSM version has it along with micro-USB and mic ports built into the dock. Can you say OOPS! The picture above shows the two different car docks. The one on the right is the Verizon version while the one on the left is the UK version for the Galaxy Nexus. So why did they do this? Only answer I can come up with is, because it is Verizon.

Source: Engadget

  • Wolfie

    That’s an extra 75.00 for the pins for Verizon customers.

  • auto

    Why cant us americans just use the gsm version car dock? Or is it not that simple? Epic Fail Verizon

    • Ocu Jos

      Verizon GN has a bigger battery and is therefore thicker than GSM variant of GN, thus a Verizon specific car dock.

      • Wolfie

        It still dosnt have the pins. They could have added them in. Since they had to make a different dock because Verizons is thicker?

  • Shayes

    yep no 3 pin kinda sucks. cool dock none the less, check out my video to see the camera quality in 720p while driving: