I am a devout Android user. I’d even like to think of myself as a somewhat advanced user, considering I’ve been on board since the G1, and I’ve flashed more ROM’s on more devices than I can even keep up with, but I am by no means an Android developer.

I’ve downloaded thousands of apps, but couldn’t actually make one to save my life with a gun to my head. Many of my Android brothers and sisters can attest, there isn’t many things in life that can make a person feel better than flashing an awesome ROM on their phone and spending the next 4 hours setting everything up and dissecting the functionality like nobody’s business.

Have you ever wondered how these custom ROM’s come about? If the answer to that question is yes, you might want to check out the latest episode of XDA TV, in which Shen gives a quick video walk-through of the simplicity of compiling Android from the source code AOSP tree.

Of course, these are only the first steps to actually creating custom ROM’s — there are many intricate methodologies used by Android developers to perfect their art, but this is an amazing lesson that shows you don’t have to be a mad scientist to figure out how to get started. If you’ve got 6 minutes of spare time, check the video out below:

For further information, make sure to check out the discussion thread.

PS — Don’t mess with Shen (or anyone from XDA) or you will get burned in front of millions of people on an episode of XDA TV, just like Pejitijor. Epic lulz!

Source: XDA

  • FILA

    mmhmm, you can watch this video and still have no clue, lol

  • Jefferson

    How to compile source code android for different devices?

    I have the source code for certain device, how to for generation imagem android for another device.