Viewsonic G Tablet Ice Cream Sandwich

As an owner of a Viewsonic G Tablet, I have awaited this announcement for quite some time now, though I was beginning to think it may never actually happen. Before I get into the details though, a tremendous thanks is due to fosser2 and the rest of Team DRH for their vigilance and hard work in bringing this amazing Ice Cream Sandwich ROM to light.

I also want to mention that the team has respectfully asked that this project NOT be posted on the XDA Forums yet. In the words of the OP, “Under no circumstances is this ROM to be posted on XDA. It will make it there in due time.” Please respect their wishes if you plan on downloading and testing this out — we’re all adults here (well, most of us anyways). Let’s act like it and be respectful of their wishes.

That being said, without further adieu, I present to you BETA ICS 4.0.X for the Viewsonic GTablet! Any of you who own this device and are familiar with its stock operating system, you know how painful it can be. Personally, I ran it for about 30 minutes after buying my GTablet, and that was only to see what it looked like while attempting to root the device.

For the past few months, I’ve been using a custom Honeycomb (Android 3.0) ROM called FlashBack. I’ve loved the tablet ever since flashing that ROM, but I’ve also longed for the day when a group of developers would grace the device with an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM, and that day came (of course it was at 2 AM this morning and I was up all night, thanks to my discovery).

Upon finding the ROM, I quickly charged up my G Tablet with hopes that it would work somewhat well enough to test out, with no real expectations of keeping the ROM. I made a backup, flashed the ROM and the GApps file, and within a few minutes I was simply blown away with the progress Team DRH has made on this. There ARE a few bugs (as expected), but nothing at all that I would consider a deal-breaker.

Sorry, Viewsonic, but I couldn’t help but laugh at one if the stock wallpapers included with Team DRH’s ROM:

For those interested, here’s some details:


  • WIFI
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Sleep!
  • Sensors
  • Sound
  • Capacitive Buttons (work for a bit then crash)
  • Hardware Buttons
  • HDMI Video (possibly sound?) If you have a dock/cable let me know.
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Proper SD Card Mounts
  • HD Videos
  • More to come…


  • Camera
  • USB Has Issues
  • Bluetooth
  • Microphone
  • Possible ROM Slowdowns
  • For those of you who installed my GPS mod, it is not functioning at the moment but it will be added soon.
  • More to come…

If you would like to try this out for yourself, feel free to pop on over to the original thread on the Slatedroid Forums by clicking the source link below. Make sure you’re familiar with NVFlash and your device is on a 1.2 bootloader. As always, do a backup and all that other jazz, and be prepared to have your mind blown! I’ll be doing a video review of the ROM here in a few days, hopefully. Stay tuned!

Source: Slatedroid

  • Craig Gunderson

    Where do I send my money?!? I want to reward that dev!

  • gTabletOwners

    Craig, visit and you can find the donate links on the right and side.

    Tony, thanks for writing this.

    • Tony Simons

      Thank you for all of your hard work. Amazing project!

  • Fernando

    I have a been pulling my hair for about 2 weeks,
    I had the g tablet charged, was playing music in it
    I shut it off and put away in it’s case I got for it.
    went out for the day, when I got home pulled out
    the tablet out of the case, it turnd on but only to the birds
    nothing else is working, it wont let me start it with power+volume
    it just shows the birds that’s it.
    I had running
    Beasty’s 2.2.1 – Beasty’s 2.2.1 ROM (Adam) + Clemsyn ver 11 1.5ghz kernel – xda-developers
    can anyone help me? please?

  • David

    I still am using the stock Os. Where to I go to learn how to prepare my gtablet for ics and how to install it?

  • Austin

    I can’t find any files. I have astro file manager and the basic file manager and if I open either one it only shows the catagories like media and documents etc. If I open any one of those it is empty. I need to move some of my files to my external hard rive because my internal storage is full. Not even the music file has files and yet I downloaded music onto my tablet from Google play music. And I am positive that the music downloaded because I listhen to it even when I am disconnected.