My hopes for you guys were lifted to at first, then we found out it still isn’t an Ice Cream Sandwich update. Sorry to burst your bubble. Verizon has just recently posted up the wonderfully alluring PDFs that they do before an update for a device goes live. It always makes us click through with anticipation of greatness. The update may not be that wickedly awesome icy goodness you are impatiently waiting for, but it is still an update that you may want. Offering only two fixes, it is rather small.

  • Dual International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI) to enhance international travel for users.
  • Data connectivity will properly restore after disabling Airplane mode.

Looks more like more of an update for the travelers among us. I can only imagine how frustrated all the current XOOM owners are at this point. It has not been an easy ride for any of you since the launch of the tablet I mean, you guys had to physically send your tablets in to get 4G hardware put in the device. Not the best way to start out and the hits just keep coming don’t they.

Via Verizon