Now the term multitasking obviously means to do more than one thing at the same time, and multitasking has always been a main feature of the Android OS. Some of us might even debate on if it is really worth it or not because it is not true multitasking. Even though we can go from one app to the other without it having to reopen, does not mean we are truly doing two things at once.

With all the space there is on the screen of a tablet, having the ability to have two different apps on your screen would be ideal, and it would be “true” multitasking. Well in comes Cornerstone to help with that notion. Some of you might be familiar with Cornerstone, but for those of that are not, Cornerstone brings that idea of having multiple apps running at the same time on your screen, and that does not mean widgets. Check out the video below for the demonstration of Cornerstone running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Well the boys over at CyanogenMod want to integrate Cornerstone to the highly anticipated CM9. This is coming from a post on their Google Plus page, where they have posted a few screen shots and it looks oh so pretty. This news draws me closer to purchasing a tablet, but I will wait and see it in action before a fork over some bills.

Source: Android Police, Cyanogen

  • ketzij

    Frankly it looks pretty much like a waste of time. What everyone wants on their tablet is window and task management ala gnome/xfce/osx/windows. but with “touch” in mind.

    Dev’s, get to work on something worth the effort.

  • Jamie Pratt

    Actually, I tried it on my TF101 tablet last weekend – it’s simply beautiful, you would be amazed… Ketzij, don’t knock it until you have tried it. sounds like you don’t even know what it is lol.