Gamevil is on a roll this month. They released Zenonia 4, Baseball Superstars 2012 and Cartoon Wars in February, just that we have noticed. Just yesterday they released another title that mashes up some of our favorite game play genres into one massive game. Gamevil took the best elements of an RPG and added our favorite parts of a defense strategy game and rolled them into Arel Wars.

Choose your race, either the swift Hume, the resourceful Elven or the fierce Busters to battle across 120 stages over 8 different battle maps. You can control over 50 various units to rule supreme. Taking advantage of each units special skills can help you turn the tides in your favor. To bring the RPG aspect in, as you complete battles you level up your units, get booster items and customize and combine everything to give you the advantage. As much fun as playing alone can be, what is a good RPGish game with out some PVP battles? Gamevil gives you the ability that we have seen in many of their recent titles to connect to other players from around the globe and battle for world supremacy.

Best part, the game is free. As a freemium though, you can expect the real advantages to come from spending some real world cash and dealing with some ads.. File size you are looking at 11.98MBs, not dramatically huge and should only take a few seconds to download. The graphics are superb, even on my Galaxy S. The controls take a little bit of getting used to, but if you take the time to get through the brief training mode you will be on your way in no time. To snag this one up, simply click or scan the QR below and enjoy.

Application: Arel Wars
Developer: GAMEVIL Inc.
Cost: FREE