Is Another Verizon Data Outage Happening RIGHT NOW?


We’re getting reports of intermittent data (3G and 4G) outages across the country this morning on Verizon. We’re not able to verify that it’s a nationwide or even a universal issue at this time, only that folks all over are affected.

Though this is the first large scale service interruption of the new year, it’s only been less than two months since the last one, and just over two months since the one before that.

As far as we can tell, this issue seemss to be affecting not only the 4G network and associated phones, but 3G devices and their connectivity as well. Subscribers have been reporting difficulties starting last night, around 15 hours ago, through this morning.

This is also not a uniform or complete outage, as users appear to be able to connect intermittently and utilize the data connection. Connections will intermittently and randomly drop and jump bands; 4G to 3G to no data, 3G to 1X to no signal, and various combinations thereof.

Are you experiencing issues? What phone do you run? Which bands are you having trouble with 3G? 4G? Both?



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  • Jayray78

    My Thunderbolt has been on 3G all morning in Tampa FL

    • Anthony

      I have the Resound, ,and have been experiencing problems all morning. Jumping from 3G to 4G to 1X. frustrating.

      • Tony Simons

        We feel your pain, Anthony! Drop us a line when the issue starts to pan out, please.

  • Eric

    DROID Bionic in Las Vegas, been down all morning (since at least 4am) with a couple momentary 3g connections.

  • Eric

    DROID Bionic in Las Vegas, been down all morning (since at least 4 am) with a couple momentary 3g connections.

  • CVJ

    Razr – Michigan been up and down starting this morning.

  • Grant

    Razr maxx – I have been up and down all morning and after speaking with Verizon, they have no idea when data services will be restored and “reliable” again.

  • Wes

    Springfield, Oh… in and out all morning. Can’t even send text messages half of the time. I have gotten messages and data to pass once today and that was as I was driving down the road. Suddenly my phone started blowing up with notifications.

    Phone = Droid Razr.

  • Wes

    I just checked with the girlfriend (standing next to her) and she is having no problems at all sending text and using 3G and 4G.

    Phone = HTC Thunderbolt

  • userofphones

    I have a Droid Razr, and 4G was mostly out all morning. 3G came and went, but was mostly out as well. When 3G did come it, it was good speed for 3G.

    I just tried the phone now (2:07PM Eastern Time) and 4G worked fine. Bummer that both 4G and 3G were dead for much of the morning, though.

  • Amy

    Droid Razr…4G and 3G out since about noon in Dallas, TX and the surrounding areas.

  • Mat

    Yea, i was definitely getting weird reboots today, and having noticing 3g outages. We don’t have 4g here in northwest MT, but it always seems like whenever verizon has outages, it makes our android phones reboot randomly.

  • FILA

    T-Mobile, dropping from 4G, 3G down to EDGE.
    oh right no outage, thats normal

  • juley smith

    My RAZR 3G has been out since 10pm last night…my husband’s blackberry is fine. Both phones are right here…WTF verizon? In Idaho Falls, ID

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