Hot of the presses and launching only moments ago, HTC now has an official blog to follow. They only have one post up at the moment explaining why they have opened said blog, but the site already looks like it will be a great stop for any HTC lover. With the main page in standard blog format with the newest post on top. The blog it tied in directly to, so each of the top links takes you to the standard Discover, Smartphones and Tablet sections for information regarding products just like before. HTC’s main reason for creating this addition to their site is to have a single location to share the mountains of information they have easily.

This is your destination for the stories behind

  • The design of HTC devices
  • The amazing camera you carry with you everyday
  • Beats Audio integration and what it means to you
  • What’s going on inside HTC

In addition, they will also be answering customer questions through the blog. Being able to offer better answers and explain the process of how things like software updates work and time lines. Which going to be extremely useful compared to tracking down things on Facebook and undercutting a 140 character limit on Twitter. Instead of trying to answer a million little tweets, they can provide an answer to the community as whole much easier. They also plan to have a ‘Customer Spotlight” section where they will highlight some of the inspiring stories sent in by real people like yourself.

Be sure to jump over to and check it out. While you are there be sure to add it to your feeds to stay up with what HTC is up to.

Via HTC Twitter

  • Nathan

    OMG it’s running WordPress as well. +1 HTC

  • Tore Wretman

    Will this just be another of HTC’s one way communications sites?

    So far not a single site has been very impressive. Instead they are infuriating and next to impossible when it comes to troubleshooting any issue one might have with an HTC device. Searching for useful info on is a dead end. I really hope this blog will take note and create a useful site.

    • Stormy Beach

      They seemed pretty adamant on the first release post about their intentions to provide information and answer questions. I would assume they might not cater to every single question, but I bet they do a fairly descent job. Only time will tell. We will be watching them to see what they do with this new venture.

  • Tony

    Did anyone else besides me click on the “Our Latest Video” expecting the video to play, only to find out it was just a pic? LOL!

    • Stormy Beach

      HAHAHAHA, Now that is some funny stuff right there.