The world went nuts when Asus  finally dropped Ice Cream Sandwich for the original Transformer TF101. People clamored to grab their tablet and hit the magical update button and get their icy treat installed. Not everyone was lucky enough to get an install that worked perfectly though. There have been floods of reports of random reboots, rebooting more than twice in a row, lock ups during reboots and even batteries draining to zero with no usage over night. To say the situation is frustrating is an understatement. As with any update, there are bound to be some issues and bugs to work after the initial roll out. Some bugs however are more extreme than others and take away your entire confidence and usability of your product.

Thankfully, Asus isn’t one to sit back and ignore the complaints. Thanks to user feedback and continuous complaints, they have announced that they are near solving the issue. It seems the cause of the problem is a mix of multiple different things. One users solution might not be the solution for someone else. This makes it hard for Asus to update everyone without causing issues to someone else.

“Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback regarding the ICS TF101 update.We apologise for the issues some users have been experiencing and we’d like to assure you all that we are working on a fix. We don’t have an exact date for release yet but we’re aiming for early next week.”

Asus is pretty good about keeping their word on releases in the past and we have no doubt that they will hold this one back. Don’t get to upset if it take a little longer than when they hope to have it out though. On a side note, some users have reported uninstalling apps, deleting and updating widgets, wiping rogue apps and factory resets have solved issues for some. Not that anyone really wants to go through a lengthy cleaning process to fix their device after and update though. be on the lookout next week for a new update, especially if you are plagued by issues.

Source: Eurodroid

  • Hwan-Yi

    Tomorrow will be the 1st April and we still haven’t seen an update to fix the issues mentioned in this post. I’m starting to regret upgrading to ISC, Honeycomb was soooo stable.