As if the roller coaster of the Galaxy S III information isn’t enough to make a person sick, we have some more leaks and details to report on. According to a quote by China region Kim Young-ha, Samsung is still pushing for an April release. ”In order to increase sales of the Galaxy S3 as well as the Galaxy Note which is already very popular in China, the company is considering rescheduling the rollout of the Galaxy S3 from May to April.” At least that is what he is being quoted as saying during the Samsung Forum 2012 today. This pushes the rumored launch of May 22nd up a few weeks.

Hot on the heals of this quote, another leaked render has been making its way around the web as well. Described as a press render, many are extremely skeptical of the image. Noting the hardware buttons magically returning and the apparent loss of the onscreen keys in stock ICS. While the image does look nice, it just doesn’t look quite right. One thing that is still staying fairly consistent is the rumored spec leaks. We are still hearing a Super HD AMOLED screen, Ice Cream Sandwich, TouchWiz 4.0 UI and a Samsung Exynos quad-core processor at 1.5GHz.

The supposed rumor of an announcement coming from Samsung tomorrow about the Galaxy S III is still fresh in our minds from yesterday. We have a feeling that is not likely. If Samsung is aiming for an April release then they will need to get an event set up for the announcement. They already have a huge amount of press covering this device and leaks left and right. The hype is way up, but they will want to create an event that pushes people over the edge and make them hold on to their tax refunds to buy one. If an April release is true, they are going to want to get this ball rolling very soon. With leaks landing daily all with similar information, it won’t take long for the hype to start to dissipate.

Are you guys ready for Samsung to finally just announce the damn phone? I know I am. I recently got some time with the Galaxy Note, if the Galaxy S III doesn’t get announced soon, I might break down and buy a Note instead.

Source: BGR 1, 2, GSMhelpdesk

  • Hersey Purvis

    Im so ready. i have the gs already. want the note or s3. so come on already.