Yesterday ASUS dropped a little teaser via their Facebook page about an update for the Transformer Prime in the pipeline. It didn’t offer anything, but got the rumors and speculations of what the new additions would be. Seems that those new additions have been outed already. I love how the internet works. ASUS Italy’s Facbook Page let the cat out of the bag. According to them, Face Unlock is definitely in this go round. Screen lock notification controls will be added as well. They don’t go into to detail about what they mean nor do I have a Prime to make any suggestions. The Play store, PLay Books, Play Music and Play Video apps will all be added in as well. While osme of that sounds good, nothing stands out as ‘Awesome’ just yet.

Don’t think that is all there is to it though. ASUS Vibe will be updating as well. It will have an improved UI and feature more content. They will also support the connection of a Prime LAN cable using an Ethernet to USB converter UX series. A new camera mechanism will be released to update the camera firmeware making it possible to update the camera app via firmware updates rather than updating on its own. Also the long a waited Ad-Hoc support will be included too. They also make a small mention of Wi-Fi being updated too.

Now we are starting to talk Awesome. The update is mentioned to start releasing March 29th, that is tomorrow. Hopefully that is a global release and not just an Italian release. ASUS doesn’t usually drop an update to a specific region though, so you all should be able to check tomorrow and install it.

They also make mention that they are close to releasing another update for the OG Transformer to solve some o the bugs that some are facing. PLUS, an ICS update for the TF101G is close at hand as well. What a heck of an announcement.

Via ASUS FaceBook

Thanks @Randomhero180