Looky there, yet another over seas carrier is dumping some Ice Cream Sandwich love to the HTC Sensation. A recent post on Vodafone UK‘s blog confirms that the update is indeed out and available. Granted we missed it by a day, or two, but we all know that OTA’s can take a few weeks to hit all handsets in the wild. Pretty exciting for those lucky guys over there.

As for the sates?? Well, a new bit of information came out from T-Mobile giving an explanation why the U.S. Sensation has yet to get its update. In a nutshell the update was sent over by HTC but didn’t meet T-Mobiles standards and was sent back to HTC for further tweaks and improvement. Meaning we were ‘this close’ to having the update ourselves a few days ago. What a drag. While I can completely understand that as a reason for the delay, I like to think it is more so about the HTC One S launching soon. Why give an older device a new treat when they need you to buy a new device?

No matter the real truth behind the update delay for T-Mobile Sensation users, at least other users around the globe are finding new things to love about their device. Those of you on Vodafone, hit up Settings . About Phone > Software Updates > Check Now. You should make sure you are over 50% charged and on Wi-Fi before you start the update process. Hope you enjoy it and let us know how it works out in the comments below.

Source: CoolSmartphone