[Download] Google Play Store updates to v3.5.16, get it Now


There is another update to the Google Play Store rolling out to consumers as we speak. The update apparently started landing yesterday for some. Moving your version of Play from 3.5.15 to 3.5.16. The update appears to be a small incremental update. According to some, it seems to be a bit more responsive than the previous update. Could be the placebo effect of an update though. Since tracking down a changelog is near impossible, we will assume this is mostly a bugfix update with some minor fixes included.

Many were hoping this update might solve a third-party install issue that many deal with constantly. For instance, apps you have picked up at Amazon App Store will show in the Play Store and show “update” next to it if there is a new version. The downside is you can’t update the app through the Play Store. Leaving many a constant ‘updates are available’ issue that can’t be turned off. It is a little annoying to say the least.

If you are like the rest of us, waiting for an update to finally land on your device is silly. So feel free to snag the latest Google Play Store apk below. Install it like any other 3rd-party app and it will replace your current version with the new one.

Download – Google Play Store v3.5.16

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