Samsung Galaxy Blaze 4G pick ups Root and ClockworkMOD


While many might scoff at the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, some were drawn to it. Probably just the 4G in the title or the attractive price point. For those of you that snagged one and aren’t looking for the latest greatest device, at least you now have root and ClockworkMOD recovery available. The method is a pretty simple if you can follow directions. It uses Odin 1.85, a root kernel and a PIT file. THose terms might allude you if you have never owned a Samsung device before. It is always best to read through things a few times before you start hitting buttons. Once you have completed the process, you are all set and now have root.

What to do next. Well, root isn’t worth a damn unless you have a kick butt recovery. Thanks to some more wonderful work from the XDA community, ClockworkMOD recovery is available too. Utilizing the same ODIN 1.85 software. Simply load the .tar file and flash away.

While root and ClockworkMOD are a step in the right direction, we are still short on developers and custom ROMs. Hopefully with this being cracked open a few guys will step in and speed things up a bit. To get yourself started on achieving this for yourself, hit the links below. Both offer all the files you will need plus some great step-by-step instructions.

Root – k0nane’s root thread

ClockworkMOD – shabbypenguin’s recovery thread



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