HTC this, HTC that. The HTC EVO 4G LTE does look like a stellar device. Many of you die -hard EVO and HTC fans a like are going to flock to the stores to snag one. Does that mean the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is any less awesome. Not really. The point of Android is to offer diversity. Having a Google branded stock AOSP device land on Sprint is going to be almost as big of a deal as when it first launched. Packing in their LTE radios and Google Wallet is sure to make some people want to pick it up. While Sprint’s LTE network isn’t ready to rock just yet, at least you know it is coming. The first cities to get the LTE treatment have been announced as Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City and San Antonio.

Some say the G-Nex is old news. Most thanks to Verizon and their lackluster desire to promote it, AT ALL. It could have been a much bigger launch had all 4 major players picked it up together. I suppose that defeats the purpose of ‘exclusive,’ though. I always think back to something I was constantly told at T-Mobile, “We are a service provider, we don’t make phones.” If that was really the case, then why do carriers get exclusives to certain devices or launch their own line, like the myTouch series for instance? No matter, Sprint getting the Gnex and the EVO 4G LTE should do wonders for their customers. Anyone out there weighing their options between the two?

Source: Phandroid 

  • Chris

    Not even a second thought. Waiting for the HTC EVO LTE. The Nexus was a mediocre device when it launched on my Verizon service last year. I didn’t waste my upgrade on it because of the display, camera, no sd, etc… 4 months later it’s even less appealing. Sure, for the “I must have stock android!” crowd it might be somewhat titillating. The S2 has come out since then, and some other very nice devices. The Nexus is already a dinosaur on the spec sheet. The Evo LTE may make me jump carriers and finally pick up a worthwhile phone. I am over my DroidX and really don’t feel like waiting another 6+ months for the S3 to come to the US and possibly not even be able to get it (thanks, Verizon).