Looks like they will let anyone make an Android device now a days. Just kidding. That is the point of an open platform after all. Another big name company, know more for jets that get our poor pathetic butts to events, is looking to produce its own Android device. Boeing will be looking to create a secure device for government and military use. It will most likely be called “The Boeing Phone.” I am sure they can come up with a more black-ops name for it than that.

Current military grade Android devices do already exist in the wild. The down side, they run in the $10,000 price range. That is our tax dollars at work. The new Boeing phone should cost the tax payers significantly less when all is said and done. Current reports on the project suggest a vanilla style Android 2.3 Gingerbread sporting device. At the time they began to develop the device and work in all the encryption software, Ice Cream Sandwich wasn’t even an option. I don’t see timely updates for this to happen either.

The downside being the lack of the Play Store. We don’t need our front line playing Angry Birds Space instead of watching the enemy movements after all. The exclusion of the Play Store has nothing to do with goofing around though, it is a security concern. Rogue apps, virus potential and the threat to national security is a bit more on their minds. Still, I can only image the kind of technology Boeing has access to drop in an Android device.

a Boeing spokeswoman confirmed to GeekWire, “We are developing a trusted mobile device that will serve the US Government Defense and Security market, which require a higher level of security than is currently available in the commercial marketplace.”

I know we won’t see these hitting the streets anytime soon, but i would love to take a look at what Boeing comes up with. Face recognition, biometrics, finger print scanner on the back maybe? Who knows, could be pretty cool.

Source: GeekWire

  • xavier air

    Its called on plane entertainment. No play store so they do not hurt plane.