The Sprint Galaxy Nexus was just recently released on a price tag of $199.99, as well as one of the first LTE devices to launch on Sprint. However, users of the new Android 4.0 ICS  device have been experiencing some connectivity issues, citing that their device is having a hard time connecting to Sprint’s 3G networks.

If you’re currently a Sprint Galaxy Nexus and receiving network instability, you can try contacting Sprint for a replacement. However, some users have reported that they have been turned down a replacement because a software update will be pumped out to fix the issue soon.

Thankfully, Samsung and Sprint have commented on the issue and said:

Sprint/Samsung are aware of this problem and will be releasing a software update to resolve the issue. Can’t commit to a date yet, but they are trying really hard to get it released early next week. Sorry for your troubles.

Any of our readers out there experiencing issues? If so, comment down below and tell us what you’re doing to solve it in the meantime.

Source: AndroidAndMe Via: Phandroid

  • Dan

    This seems to be a galaxy nexus bug. Not a service provider issue. I left Verizon for this same issue.

  • Angel

    This happens to me whenever I swap batteries. All you have to do is update the PRL and it will connect to the network again.

  • jason

    After spending 4 hours at sprint (and them swapping phones twice) my phone is finally working. It is crazyto me that sprint would launch a phone without trying its tech support people on it. Word to the wise if you have a nexus DO NOT INSTALL GOOGLE VOICE.