Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G LTE goes up for pre-oder via Amazon, great price Too


Just a little bit ago we let you all know that the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE’s bootloader is easily unlockable. For some people, that information is gold and a big part of their purchasing decision. I know I personally would never buy a phone that is locked down tighter than Fort Knox. Even if the devs do fond a way around it, I prefer straight forward and simple methods. Now that you know it can be cracked open, what do you say about getting your EVO 4G LTE pre-ordered? We say go for it if it is your dream device. Our Amazon store has recently made the device available for pre-oder for just $149.99. That requires a two-year contact of course and you have to be eligible for an add-a-line, new account or an upgrade.

Why are so many people excited about this device? Well, it is an EVO. That branding alone makes a lot of people very happy. Not to mention the 1.5GHz dual-core processor, Android 4.0, 4.7-inch HD screen, 8MP camera and the EVO’s built-in kickstand for easy viewing. We are certain you are here to get your order in and not see another spec rundown. So please, hit up the link below, get your order placed and enjoy it when it magically arrives on your doorstep.

If clicking the nifty little product image isn’t your thing, you can also click the link below.

Pre-Order your HTC EVO LTE 4G Android Phone (Sprint)

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