Say What?!?!? Apparently ViewSonic is looking to take the idea of Android computing and tablets to the next, rather insane, level. ViewSonic should be showing off a new 22-inch Android 4.0 tablet at the upcoming Computex conference in June. The tabletors (Tablet + Monitor), ya I suck at clever names, will be a new breed of “smart business tablet monitors.” They are expected to show off a wide array of these types of device both running Android and Windows 8. Not many details are floating around about these behemoths just yet though. We hope they make the resolution impressive and drop some serious processing power inside.

The small little image that is out and about leads us to think it will have some sort of kickstand for it to prop up during a presentation. Will they go with a HUGE battery, or perhaps a direct power supply? Computex is just around the corner and we will be sure to our eyes out for what ViewSonic has up their sleeves. I sure wouldn’t carry one around, but it would look pretty awesome sitting on my nightstand next to my bed.

Source: AndroidCommunity

  • jeff donuts

    damn i would love one of these im not a stickler on size like everyone else. give me the biggest screen possibe (thats why i have the s2. at the time it was the biggest phone i could afford ((craigslist baby brand new in the box unopened cheaper than the store)) except for the note, too expensive) next phone has to be bigger than 4.5in and i really really hate those 7in toy tablets.