Oh T-Mobile, how do we love thee, let us count the ways.. One.. Two… ummm, that’s about as far as we can go. While most of us here at the SPIN have T-Mobile as our service provider and we love them, their are times we want to just scream. Service inside some locations being one of them. That is where a little app that T-Mobile has had for a while now can come in handy. We all know that app as Wi-Fi calling. It gives you the ability to place and recieve calls along with text and picture messages using a Wi-Fi connection instead of the network. There are a few reasons this great. For one, if you are in a location that only has Wi-Fi and no cell service you can still use your phone like you normally would. It also helps take a small amount of strain off the network too.

There is always a downside though. Many HTC Sensation owners out there rooted their devices and started flashing AOSP ROMs, and more recently stock based ROM’s. The issue of not having a working Wi-Fi calling app may have caused you a little grief. If your ROM developer hasn’t already solved the issue for you, XDA member bigmoew has. He took the  apk, fixed it up and made it into a nice little update.zip file for you to flash to your Sensation. You would need to be sure to uninstall any current version of the app before flashing it though.

The mod comes in two forms, one specifically for AOSP users and one for Stock Users. Make sure you know what you have before you start flashing things and always make a back up before doing so, just in case. He has tested this on OrDroid 5.0.0, it should also work on the more recent 8.2.0 update too, and everything is up and working perfectly. If you have been missing the feature on your modded and much better Sensation, please don’t hesitate to check out bigmoem’s XDA thread for instructions and the file. One last thing before you run off, this is only for the SENSATION, not any other Tmo device.


  • FILA

    I cant remember, but does the Wi-Fi calling still use your T-Mobile minutes? They changed the rules a couple times since it came out, it didnt use to, then it did, and now I dont know anymore.

    • oreo

      As of now they are free.