Last night, the Parson’s School of Design hosted its annual user experience awards. Guess who won for best platform experience? Ice Cream Sandwich! That’s right, the platform we all love and has proven that Android is a mature and beautiful OS for mobiles has taken the Gold Prize. Matias Duarte is the man behind the whole UX and UI and this is just a demonstration of what he is capable of doing being this is first complete work at Google (Honeycomb was never complete) and I can hardly wait to see what he will come up with for Jelly Bean, hopefully it won’t be long and we’ll get to see something at Google I/O.

From his Google+ post:

Ice Cream Sandwich won the Gold Prize for best platform experience at Parsons’ 2012 User Experience Awards! Way to go team!

Thanks to Parsons for hosting a great event and thanks to IXDA, NYC UPA, and NYC CHI. We need more celebrations of UX like this!

Bellow there’s the video that Google uses to show what ICS is all about and a few images from ICS


source: Matias Duarte on Google+

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    love my galaxy nexus, hasnt been thru the wall yet, so i guess its goin good for me!