Today Google is rolling out a huge improvement to their Play Store, and that is the ability for developers to reply to reviews making them no longer a one way street, and now unfair reviews can be battled and defended as well as good reviews can be appreciated.

This change will not be available to any developer at first, for now only developers with “Top Developer Badge” will be able to reply to users, but this feature will be available to other developers as time goes by.

This is amazing for everyone, developers can now interact with their users (both good and bad experiences) as well as users can now have a response to their problems from the developers.


via Android Police

  • jeff donuts

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    u guys sure this is from android police cuz im at there site right now and theres no story about this

    • Stormy Beach

      It was at one point and time. It must have been pulled for some reason.

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    Here but u can’t use… dumb google process.