Is it the T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus? No. Is it the T-Mobile Galaxy S III? No again. The model number SGH-T699 has shown up in some leaked images from T-Mobile’s inventory list, and there was specualtion that it was going to either the GNex or SGSIII. Well, it looks like its neither. Instead it is going to be a full QWERTY keyboard phone by Samsung, just for those of you that cannot break yourself away from a physical keyboard.

It took me some time to consider pulling myself off that physical keyboard, and head over to the full touch world. Going from the G1 to the G2, I was happy having that physical-ness, especially when it came to long text messages and emails. So I can see some you getting interested in this phone, but it is definitely not going to be a high-end phone. That being said, it will still be rocking some sort of Qualcomm chip and it will rocking some Ice Cream Sandwich. So a high, mid-range phone then?

So what do you guys think? Anyone out there interested in this phone? Let us know down below of your thoughts about sticking with a full keyboard phone.

Source: TmoNews

  • FILA

    I really really really wanted the G2, but at the last moment, I decided not to, when I found out the shitty Z-hinge pissed me off, how could HTC use such a crappy spring. It felt good standing up right, but lay down and type was out the question. Also the lack of a front facing camera lead me to the MyTouch4G. damn.

  • Tino Martinez

    I have large fingers and cannot stand virtual keyboards. They are too inaccurate and too small. Therefore I welcome a physical keyboard. I owned a G1 until it died and I have a G2 now, but it is showing its age.

    Therefore, if this works well, I would gladly replace my G2 with this Samsung. Even if it is not the top of the line in terms of speed and operation, the keyboard is worth that much to me.

    As far as the previous caller with his G2 issues – not me. I have owned the G2 since the day it was distributed, and have never had the hinge problem that is being complained about.

  • Grandma

    I just sent back the SECOND HTC One to T-Mobile. I was willing t ‘uopgrade’ my G2 due to a few glitches like backlit works only some of the time. Overkill on bells and whistles for the HTC One…and under functional with frequent dropped calls and a major complaint is that Apps do not recognie the HTC One but think it is a Sensation and even an app like Yahoo mail can’t download!