Just the other day we let you know that the Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile and AT&T got a little source code droppage from Samsung. Now we find out that Sprint’s edition just picked up its source code coverage as well. That only leaves Verizon’s version to see a little source loving. Not that we expect Verizon to ever let that happen though. There is still some good news though, all the Galaxy S III devices across all five networks are the same as far as specs are concerned. So that means a some Sprint source should still prove useful for Verizon based devices, while not perfect, it is something.

For those of you that don’t understand why this is important to Android users, let us briefly explain. Source code for any device is an invaluable part of development for that device. Without it devs are piecing together lines of code and testing things much more rigorously than usual. Having the official Samsung source code makes development a ton easier. Not that their work should ever go unappreciated, but source makes it a lot less difficult to make our devices run as amazing as they should have out of the box.

If you are a developer and aiming your sites on the Galaxy S III for Sprint as your new target device, then you best get to downloading and get to work. Hit up Samsung Open Source for the files now.

Source: Androidpolice