Samsung recently came out and stated they should hit 10 million Galaxy S III devices sold by July. Those are some pretty big numbers to shoot for, but is very plausible if they keep up the supply chain for the devices. One thing that can sometimes make or break a persons decision to purchase a new device is how hard or easy obtaining root is. We know that Samsung released the source code for T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint’s Galaxy S III. At or near the actual launch of the device. This should give you some indication that root is right around the corner and so are custom ROM’s. Since the device is going to be in the hands of million across multiple carriers it only makes sense for the developers to get cracking.

On to the more important info though. Thanks to a few various developers from the XDA community, we officially have root and ClockworkMod for all three carriers versions mentioned. We could have broken this into three different posts, but that would have been silly. So here is who is responsible for which version - howtomen for the AT&T version, cypher_zero for the Sprint and T-Mobile version and dawgslayer69 for posting the info that cypher_zero’s method for the Sprint version works with the T-Mobile version as well. To try to keep credit where it is due, cypher_zero’s method actually comes from noobnl who posted the original Sprint variant method, but was broken down into easy to follow step-by-step for anyone that can read and follow instructions.

All three methods are pretty straight forward and standard using the traditional ODIN program and dropping the appropriate files in to the right slots. After you have flashed the appropriate kernel and CWM, you can then flash root and be all set.

According to XDA there are rumors that the kernel being used is universal between all three variants, but they and we, recommend you grab the right file for your device just to be safe. Hit the links below to go get everything needed and be sure to read everything a head of time please.

Now that we know root is a piece of cake, as it always seems to be with Samsung devices, does that entice you to pick one up a bit more?

Source: XDA


  • Lagnis

    No. Galaxy Nexus is still just fine. My dollars will go towards a new Nexus tablet.

    • FILA

      we in the same boat buddy!