Well looky what we have here. Thanks to a little digging by a friend of ours, Kiyo, we now have the latest and greatest Google Play Store version available for you to download and install. This is straight from the Jelly Bean System dump that we made available earlier for you guys. The previous Play store version was 3.5.19 and is updated to 3.7.11. I was able to easily download the new Play Store version and install it on my Samsung Vibrant running ICS, but there is a possibility that some of you may have trouble. It never hurts to try though.

Yes, I know they are different device screen shots. Our bad, we updated one device before we tried. It apparently gives you the options to buy movies, magazines and TV shows. Although we don’t see any UI changes other than the new additions to the left on the main screen. If you re stickler for staying up to date and being ahead of the curve, and your friends, then feel free to check it out and give it a try.

Download – Play Store 3.7.11 apk

  • Wes

    Loads and runs perfectly on my Verizon Razr with ICS.

  • Les W.

    Installed it on my SGS3. -meh

  • Tracey

    Hi there I just tryed to do this but it didnt work, ive just purchased the new pocket rock android tablet from china vision but it didnt come with google play app as was mentioned in description, ive dowloaded so many links and other things but unfortunately have not been lucky enough as yet, it downloads but wont run, i know this version here is for the jelly been but the pocket rock is ice cream sandwich, would you be able to at all direct me in the right direction….Im at my wits end haha thanks

  • FOx

    Download this app from : http://www.1mobile.com/app/market/

    then download Best Android App (BAM) from Google play site then enjoy.. it is that easy !!

  • poorlove