New devices, new specs, new hardware and lots more money out of pocket. Not that we all have the cash to toss around or contracts that are ready to be upgraded. Some of us are still stuck using the last ‘great’ device that went out of style 6 months after it was released. We could probably name off a few hundred of those devices, but this time we are focusing on a great set of improvements for just one device. Yes the LG G2X. Many of you probably still have that device as your daily phone, or at least have it sitting around as a back up.

Development went pretty well for it. A number of them definitively made some major improvements. One of the newest was Ice Cream Sandwich of course. Nothing is perfect, but things work. Many G2X users have been suffering from a few things that end up taking their device from awesome to oppasume. Well now XDA memeber flak0 has gone and created a set of scripts and tweaks to give your G2X ICS running device the life it needs back to help you survive a little bit longer.

Looking through his thread, everything seems pretty straight forward. Simply download the flashable file, flash it and then hit up a script manager app like Script Manager. Once in, just run and you are all set. The dev also makes note to do a back up before hand in case you fry something. The thread tells you what the tweak includes along with instruction for you to manually tweak them on your own if you do so desire.

If you are rocking ICS on your G2X and need to bump up the performance a bit more, be sure to go check flak0’s XDA thread and let us know how it all goes.

Source: XDA