When Google released the Jelly Bean source code yesterday many of us got extremely excited. Not because we expect our favorite manufacturers or carriers to start getting to work on updates, but because we know that it means CM10 is getting under way. The CyanogenMOD team offered up a nice little update via their Google+ account just a about 2 hours ago. Which is great because we are all eager to know as much info as we can. In a nutshell, they have the AOSP code and have already starting sifting through it. While Jelly Bean isn’t a MAJOR new code, it is re-arranged enough that simply merging into CM9 isn’t going to happen. The team will have to work through it and manually add in the differences. They expected that to happen though. Check out the full statement;

Jelly Bean Status Update

Repositories for all AOSP projects have been created on our github to alleviate any potential mismatches (branch is ‘jellybean’).

While Jelly Bean won’t require a major rewrite of all the CM features, the source has been re-arranged and re-factored enough that a simple merge isn’t possible. So we will proceed with manual merging (this was to be expected really).

The plan of attack will be to cherry-pick everything from CM9 and fix the merge conflicts and relocations. It’s tedious but the only way. Ideally the original patch authors will forward-port their changes, so if you are out there and want to help out, join us in #cyanogenmod -dev.

+ Trebuchet might be messy to rebase onto JB.
+ Theme Engine will be messy.
+ SystemUI stuff will need to be restyled.
+ Lockscreen stuff will need to be restyled.
+ The current UX of Settings is good, no reason to change anything there.

A manifest (Cyanogenmod/android.git) will be going up later this afternoon, so the masses will be able to sync directly from our source at that point as well.

This will be it on the updates (so we can focus on actually working). Next post referencing JB should be when the merge/cherry-pick process is complete.

-CyanogenMod Team

What does all that mean? Simply enough it means they are working on it and it will take some time. They don’t expect it to take nearly as long as ICS took though. We fully expect nightlies for various devices to start slipping out before the end of July. Don’t hold us to that, but the team works fast and works miracles.

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  • FILA

    By the time CM gets any releases out, Key Lime Pie will be out

    • Joe Demagio

      That’s not fair. I agree with the author of this article, nigthlies by the end of the month. If you’re waiting for an RC then you might be right, but why would you?

  • alun Phillips

    even if key lime where out by the time cm10 hits, you’d still be six months ahead of an ota update.