It has been a weird kind of day in the Cyanogen world. I kept seeing random posts about different devices running the Jelly Bean powered CM10. I believe I saw one on the Galaxy Tab 8.9, as well as seeing a video on CM10 running on the Motorola Defy. We have already posted about CM10 running on both the LG Optimus 4X, and the Transformer Prime. But I think the community would be more excited that CM10 was spotted running on the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. More of popular device, and it runs pretty well too. By well, I mean its booted up and touchscreen works, as well as the transitions are smooth, but I am sure it has got its other issues. I also saw a screenshot that mentioned that they got it on the original Galaxy S phone, which is is like WOW. Just gets more and more exciting guys. CM9 took forever to come out, but that only made it easier for CM10 to be released into the wild, and it will not be long until there are stable builds for us to play with. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

  • Michael Bond

    Is there a link to where I can obtain this wonderful thing?

  • smitryn

    Awesome!! I can’t wait to never get this update for my Skyrocket or for that matter the GS3!

  • Andy

    It should be known that the developer R4ins over at XDA (go hit his “Thanks button!!!) was the first to get a successful boot of JellyBean on the Skyrocket i727 and T989.

    List of working features

    Cellular Data
    Internal SD mounting
    JellyBean Gapps
    More I am forgetting

    Phone calls can be made and received, but neither party can hear the other. Sound should be fixed soon.

    Sk8erwitskill (hit his thanks button too!!) is also making and uploading new builds with every new commit to the Cyanogenmod tree. Constant improvements. They can be found here.

    **This is NOT a daily driver yet!!!! You have been warned. But, it is alot of fun to play with.

  • Andy

    Sorry. Yes, they are using the Cyanogenmod device tree.