We do our very best to keep up with the various carriers and manufacturers when it comes to software updates. While most do a pretty good job of getting bugs fixed and making promises of future OS upgrades, we do run into some false promises. More often this is the result of a manufacturer jumping the gun on which devices they make that could handle the upgrade. HTC put out a pretty good list of devices that they expected to get a full ICS update. Sadly it looks like one of those devices just isn’t going to make the grade, officially anyways.

According to a document from Telus Canada, the HTC Desire HD ICS update has been canceled by HTC. The network states - “HTC has [cancelled] the HTC Desire HD ICS upgrade due to poor device performance during testing.” We are sure this news will bum out a few of you, but we are sure most of you are upgrading to the next big thing anyways. It is interesting to note that while Telus now lists the update as being canceled for their device, HTC still has it listed on their ICS Upgrade page. Could mean other variants might still get the upgrade, or that HTC just hasn’t pulled it yet.

Source: Telus via TheInquirer