It is that time again my Android friends. Time for the rumor mill to start spinning like crazy. In the past couple weeks, we have been hearing rumors about the next Nexus device to be released. LG was being talked about with releasing a flagship Android device, which is what the Optimus G is suppose to be. HTC also was briefly talked about with the Droid Incredible X being a possible candidate for Nexus glory. Samsung also started making some noise about releasing the Nexus 2, as random pictures and a mysterious model number hit the interwebs. The same old song and dance we go through when an anticipated device is looming in the distance.

Numerous sources have been mentioning that Google will indeed be revealing the next Nexus device in the month of October. Some of these sources have also mentioned that the device has already been leaked, which means in the slew of rumors and pictures, someone might have gotten it right. It is also mentioned that the Android software on this device will be only an iterative step up, which means its that it will not be Android 5.0, but more likely 4.2. Now Key lime pie for us? I guess that would depend on if Google wants to continue down the dessert list, or just do what they did back when it was Eclair’s time. Time will tell on that one

Again, these are only rumors so do not get to excited quite yet. I know we all love the news about new flagship devices running the next Android OS, but we still got to be patient and sift through the garbage of rumors and get some hardcore evidence. We will definitely keep you guys posted.

Source: Android and Me
Via: Talk Android