Winner By a Shard…of Glass

Google has many claims to fame, reasons to be sought after, and many reasons for others to emulate them.  Time magazine has just added one more to the list.  Time magazine has just named Google Glass the top of it’s inventions for 2012, oddly enough, they won’t really be released until 2014, but that’s just splitting hairs.  From what is touted about this revolutionary product and what Glass is supposed to bring to the table in terms of Augmented Reality, it has the potential to be the sort of product that changes the way we see the world, literally.

I’m not one for dogging the products that the Mothership of Android brings out, but I really enjoyed the car that drives itself.  Yes, there is a car that drives itself.  I am jazzed to see what Glass is all about, from what I’ve seen with photos from the I/O show and hit and miss photos on the G+ page, the Glass should be an awesome product, when? No time soon in terms of technology time (outdated within 6 months) but as usual, I, we will wait with wide eyes and open hands for Google to grace us with the a product that will simply knock our socks off.  Until then…Google, hurry the hell up!

Until then, enjoy this video of what is to come…


Information drawn from: Phandroid, Time Magazine