If you have a hankering to challenge your eyes, your mind and your fingers, Pixel Twist is right up your alley. The games original name was Coign of Vantage and is currently a Flash-Based game that was created by bobblebrook. It is pretty popular and pretty intense. Noodlecake Studios saw a great chance to make this game available for Android and here it is.

The object of the game is to rotate a  the play area, which is composed of colored blocks, or pixels. They are all floating in 3D space area. They don’t look like anything when you first start out, but as you rotate the entire pixel cloud, you will eventually get them to line up to create an image. You are shown what image you are attempting to create on the upper right hand corner of your screen. See, take a look.

Don’t expect the image to face the same direction as the pixel cloud though. I made that mistake on a few attempts and failed miserably. Check out what I mean in the orginal launch trailer for Coign of Vantage.

It really does take patience and brain power to line these little pixels up. It will auto form the image if you get it close enough, but you have to have it nearly perfect. The game features over 80 puzzles to complete and has two game modes to try your hand at. The first mode is all about speed. It is called “10 on time”. This mode challenges you to complete 10 puzzles as fast as you can. The catch, you only have a minute and thirty seconds to do it. The second mode is a continuous mode. It lets you just keep solving puzzles as long as you can. You gain more time after each one is solved. The faster you do it, the more time you get and the better your score is.

The game is absolutely free. It does have some ads that pop up much like the new Angry Birds Star Wars. They take over the screen and you can just hit the ‘X’ to close them. I didn’t notice any pop up during game play, just on launch of the games and before you start a selected games mode. You can remove the ads with an in-app purchase, but when I attempted to do so, it prompted an error and wouldn’t let me.

This is definitely a game you should all have in your time waster folder. It will keep you busy, frustrated and happy all at the same time. To snag this one up just click or scan the handy little QR code below as always. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Application: Pixel Twist
Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Cost: FREE