The back of the new LG Nexus 4 is a pretty sight to look at. It gives the device some glitz and glamour when it is in your hand and easily draws people’s attention to try to see what you are holding. Not all of us are lucky enough to be snagging a Nexus 4. Either because we are broke, or because we aren’t all that thrilled with the device. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things about it that we all like. A new Live Wallpaper hit the Play Store recently that brings the back plate style and design to the forefront of your current device.

It is called Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper. Pretty easy name to remember. It was created by Wasabi. That might be a name you already know. That developer has put together a few other Live Wallpapers based on the Galaxy S III, Note II and others. They are always pretty darn good and we have used some of them in the past as well. The newest addition brings that glitz and glamour of the Nexus 4 to your home screen in a variety of colors.

Looks pretty cool doesn’t it? Live Wallpapers used to be pretty heavy on devices and cause lots of battery drain and slowness issues. Any more though, they only run when you are on your home screen and don’t bog down the higher end devices at all. You will find some ads int he settings menu, but that is how the dev keeps pushing these out for FREE. If it looks like something you want to install, then simply click or scan the handy QR code below and pick it up.

Application: Nexus 4 Dots LiveWallpaper
Developer: Wasabi
Cost: FREE

Via AndroidPolice